Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Science Cafe Returns September 13

Science Cafe is back from its summer vacation, and its heading straight for the deadliest topics. Join EngenuitySC, the University of South Carolina, and the Carolina Young Alumni Association to find out how Resuscinex will change the way we view traumatic injury. Register today! 

"Why do we lose the war after winning the battle? Why does a patient successfully treated... of bleeding go on to die?" 

Dr. Steven Fann of the University of South Carolina School of Medicine asked himself this question after watching patients repeatedly die after trauma though they had been successfully treated through surgery and IV fluids. However, in the US, trauma remains the leading cause of death for children and and adults under 44 and is the most frequent cause of death for both civilians and military personnel according to Greater Columbia Business Monthly

From left, Mike Yost, John Propst, and Steve Fann
From left, Mike Yost, John Propst, and Steve Fann

But Dr. Michael Yost, CEO John Propst, and Dr. Steve Fann, the brains and braun behind the biotech firm Vitasol, may be able to change that with Resuscinex, a breakthrough fluid that restores and sustains cell functionality and vital signs during resuscitation without the associated risks of inflammation and potential death of traditional IV fluids.

Named 1 of 3 technologies that may change the world by the Greater Columbia Business Monthly, join Science Cafe as it presents Propst and Yost to discuss what Resuscinex is, how it restores and sustains vital signs for victims, and what its impact may be on the future for civilians and the armed forces.

Registration is encouraged, though not required. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Have questions about what Science Cafe is? Not sure it's for you? Visit www.sciencecafecolumbia.org to learn a little more about the program.