Friday, October 28, 2011

Ten Innovation Myths

By Scott Anthony of the Harvard Business Review

Over the past year I've shifted my presentation materials so they include mostly pictures and 96 point font. That's good for audiences (at least, I think it is), but bad when I get the kind of request that landed in my in-box last week.

"I'm doing an innovation update at one of our meetings and I'm hoping you can assist me with some conversation starters," a senior leader said to one of our clients. "The main point of the presentation is to get the audience thinking proactively and positively about how they can contribute to innovation."

I had presented a slideshow on this exact topic in April. Unfortunately, my slides consisted of a big picture of a black box, a photo of Steve Jobs, headshots of eight academics, a screenshot of an Old Spice advertising campaign, and a picture of my favorite haircut place in Singapore. The slides are pretty, but they won't help a thirdparty who lacks the context.

So, my colleague Josh Suskewicz and I put our heads together and came up with the 10 innovation myths that we encounter most often in the field.

Read on at the Harvard Business Review.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

EngenuitySC Announces Ignite 2011 Speakers

Natalie Brown - Director, Alternacirque
EngenuitySC is excited to announce its speakers for Ignite 2011, taking place November 16th from 5:15pm-8:00pm at The Zone. Like the video released in August featuring Mayor Benjamin, President Pastides, and some of Columbia's best entrepreneurs and grassroots leaders, this year's speakers represent a diverse array of Columbia's entreprenurial talent and embody the event's theme of start something.

Featuring the Liberty Fellowship Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year and a circus and dance company, each speaker will have approximately 400 seconds each to share with their audience their story of how their passion drove them to start their own successful enterprise. However, unlike most conferences in Columbia, the speakers will be able to use the time to present in their exciting and unique way. Whether it's showing off their award-winning guitar effects pedals, sharing their knowledge as a leading traveling educator, or just simply telling their own compelling, personal stories of starting a business from scratch, Ignite is sure to have a story to enthrall (or entertain) you. 

You can learn more about our speakers at

Tickets and sponsorships still available, but selling quickly. 

Ignite 2011 Ideas Contest closes October 28th. 

Terry Brown - CEO, Edens and Avant

Tony Ambler - Dean, College of Engineering and Computing
at the University of South Carolina
Terris Riley - CEO, NewVenue Technologies
Philippe Herdon - Founder, Carolina Guitar Co.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Win Your Share of $5000 with 3 Steps at Ignite! 2011

Ready to start something big in Columbia? If so, EngenuitySC has teamed up with Wells Fargo to gather up some investors pay you a share of $5000 to make it happen. 500 investors to be exact. Send in your 2 minute video telling us your idea, and we’ll put you on-stage in front of our 500 audience members at Ignite 2011 to pitch your idea. 

They vote. You win. And Wells Fargo cuts you a check that night for you to go out and make your idea happen. 

It may be the easiest money you ever make in your life.

Ready to start up your idea? It’s so freaking easy it do, it should be criminal.  If you have an idea that will start the next big wave in Columbia just do the following on our form at
  1. Submit a summary of your idea (about 250 words or so).
  2. Tell us how your idea will start something new, exciting, innovative, or just plain awesome.
  3. Record a 2 minute video explaining your idea and submit a link at
  4. If selected as a semi-finalist, you’ll present to a panel of judges.
  5. If you make the cut, you’ll be invited as a finalist to present live at the conference. Bring your entourage. Wild cheering encouraged.
Who should enter?
Anyone! This isn't a contest limited to business plans, individuals, or nonprofits. It's about any person or organization who can make tangible change in the community. Don't hesitate to enter - Just do it!

Is anyone even going to see this?
YES. By submitting, you’ll get your idea out there for people to connect into. Our panel for semi-finalists features the top names in our community making everyday ideas happen. Even if you don’t win, you get a chance to pitch your idea to someone who can make it happen regardless.

By becoming a finalist, you are guaranteed to get your idea in front of 500 of the most influential and passionate people in our community...who knows who you might fire up to get involved? Don't believe us? We have the video to prove who we brought in (President Pastides of USC and Mayor Benjamin of the City of Columbia to start with).

If you win, you may just be crowned the smartest person in Columbia! Oh right, and you’ll receive cold hard cash to kick-start your new venture.  

If you’ve read this far, consider yourself primed and ready. Get that camcorder, webcam, flipcam, iPhone, iPad 2, and make it happen, cap’n. We want to you to prove Columbia has the talent, innovation, and ideas to build up the next wave in Columbia. We’ve done our part; now it’s time to do yours.
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