Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ready for the next season of Science Cafe? Let us know what you think!

It has been quite a season for Science Cafe since we kicked off of the Year of the SmartState in September. We're planning our upcoming season of programming, and before we get too far, we want to hear what you think

We're excited to keep providing a lineup of incredible speakers. Whether it was Dr. Charlie Bennett and his research uncovering the health risks of every day pharmaceutical and medical products, Dr. Scott Mason sharing the "science of Santa, or Dr. Simon Hudson sharing the soft science of love, we hope you enjoyed a year of programming that featured, literally, the world's foremost experts in their fields. 

But most importantly, we hoped we've helped you find some like-minded folks in the community who are passionate about the Midlands power as a global leader in innovation. 

Ultimately, every Science Cafe is about rallying the community around a passion for science and technology and turning that passion into a vision. We firmly believe that residents in the Midlands believe their home region is one of the best places in the world to innovate the world's top technologies, build sustainable businesses, and recruit and employ the top talent to expand the success of those innovations. 

At Science Cafe, we just want to help connect you to the real life stories that back that belief up.

If you missed a few Science Cafes this past year, here's a little about the community we've been building! It's incredibly diverse! Take a look at who has been attending, tell us what you thought about the past year, then register for the next Science Cafe and meet some fellow science enthusiasts!
  • We covered an array of topics from the science behind Santa's supply chain, to marine genomics revealing the dangers of your  adverse drug effects, almost guaranteeing a topic of interest for everyone
  • We had a dedicated crowd of 90 repeat attendees; they must have found something they liked!
  • We've had a great audience, averaging about 50 attendees per month! Our largest event had over 100 attendees!
  • We've had attendees from all ages, ranging from 15 to 89 years old! When we did the math, our average age for registered attendees was about 48 years old, though we think most of our walk-ins were a bit younger.
  • We've great balance in people with the audiences split virtually in half between male and female
  • Science Cafe has brought together a diverse list of thought leaders from across the state, including the University of South Carolina, Clemson University, and the Medical University of South Carolina through an amazing partnership with our friends at the SmartState program
*This data applies only to those attendees that registered in advance

Science Cafe could not have had the success it has seen without the phenomenal community that continues to engage in powerful, thought-provoking discussions. More importantly, we can't do it without your feedback.

Please share your opinions with this quick survey and we look forward to seeing everyone at the next Science Cafe on July 9!

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