Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Local Voterheads Receive National Attention

2 years ago, Karl McCollester realized a gap in the process of local government decision making and the flow of the information to citizens. 

Instead of sitting back and complaining, he decided to act. McCollester founded Voterheads, allowing citizens to become well-educated on local issues in a much more convenient way. Because of the innovative thinking behind it, Voterheads has gained national attention and was recently featured in a Government Technology article featuring "five platforms that are helping redefine civic engagement."

In 2011, Karl McCollester saw a common issue when it came to local civic issues. Local governments were making decisions that affected the community, with barely any of the local community present. Decisions were being made while the public was unaware, causing discontent. Voterheads was founded as a technological solution to bridge the information gap and ease the process of information flow between local government and its citizens.

Voterheads participated in our Ignite! ideas contest and gained plenty of local recognition as a result. Now Karl McCollester and Mike Switzer are receiving national attention because of the innovation and usefulness of their solution.

This is another phenomenal example of entrepreneurship taking place in Columbia that gives the community a competitive advantage and creates a knowledge economy. Voterheads saw a common issue in the community and decided to act on an innovative and unique solution. They are now receiving the attention they deserve!

Read the Government Technology article here. Also, Votherheads recently released the beta version of their site! Check it out and keep up to date on local civic issues on their platform here.

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