Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SOCO: "A Place for you to work, collaborate, and excel"

Coming soon to Columbia: an exciting, vibrant, collaborative workspace known as SOCO.

What's SOCO all about?
A group of long-term Columbians involved in the business arena have come together to create a collaborative space for "coworking." The whole concept revolves around the idea that when people from different areas work together, the combined expertise and ideas bring everyone to a better place. Individuals with different ideas, initiatives, and thoughts will all be working in the same place, creating a melting pot of kickstarting ideas and viewpoints to benefit all. And to top it all off, SOCO will be located in an awesome space in the heart of the Vista, to create an even more energetic environment.

How does it work?
They are accepting applications now! If interested, you can join in one of three ways. "You can choose to join on a daily basis, or if you plan on being here frequently but don’t need anything permanent, you can join for a reasonable monthly rate."

When will this happen?
SOCO is expected to open at the start of August. This will truly provide an innovative, flexible workspace for creative and business-minded Columbians to improve themselves and the knowledge economy of Columbia!

Find out more about SOCO on their website.

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