Wednesday, August 7, 2013

USC Providing Entrepreneurial Talent to Columbia

Andrew Lee was prepared to leave Columbia upon graduation from USC, but when the opportunity came to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors, he decided to stay.

With the help of professors and personnel at the University of South Carolina, Lee has co-founded, and now runs, Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, or IMCS. An innovative start-up involved in the R&D/safety testing process of many products, IMCS has created a unique micro-filter that dramatically speeds this portion of development. 

There exists a slew of products and processes that involve separating a specific material from a complex mixture, which is mainly part of safety testing. These filters, developed by Lee and IMCS, not only cut down on wasted time, but also increase efficiency in an array of processes, such as testing a patient's Vitamin D levels in their blood. 

And all of this is happening right here in Columbia. Lee now runs IMCS, which is housed in the IdeaLabs of the Horizon building, part of USC's Innovista district - the research facility district, managed by the newly-developed USC Office of Economic Engagement. 

This is exactly the type of entrepreneurial talent we love to showcase at our annual showcase event, Ignite! EngenuitySC works tirelessly to find, showcase, and connect Columbia's innovative talent of the creative class to further innovate our knowledge economy. Check out the exciting happenings at the nationally-recognized event and attend in November! 

Read more about Lee's success as an entrepreneur and IMCS here

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