Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Conversation with Dirk Brown, Ph.D., Director, Faber Entrepreneurship Center, CEO/Co-founder, Pandoodle

As Director of the Faber Entrepreneurship Center at the University of South Carolina Moore School of Business, Dirk Brown has a broad mandate to facilitate new venture formation across the state of South Carolina. As CEO of Pandoodle, he is developing state-of-the-art technologies to allow us to dynamically customize video. He sat down to talk with MidlandsBiz to about the state of the knowledge economy in South Carolina.

Friday, January 4, 2013

What's Your Resolution for 2013?

Calling all science enthusiasts for the for the first Science Cafe of 2013!
If your new year's resolution was to expand your knowledge base, get involved in your community, or to try something new, then join us for the next installment in the Year of the SmartState. 

We're talking tech in healthcare with Dr. Jay Moskowitz of the University of South Carolina. Join us for this pressing topic as the country transitions into the Affordable Healthcare Act changes for 2013.
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We've partnered with the South Carolina's SmartState Program(S.C. Centers of Economic Excellence) to bring the top experts in state, region, and nation in their field. Head over to learn more about this month's speaker and venue.

Get excited, get your questions - And join us!
Dr. Jay Moskowitz, James Buchanan Duke Smartstate
Endowed Chair for Healthcare Quality

Dr. Moskowitz has forged numerous and meaningful collaborations with organizations that include the South Carolina Hospital Association, the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, the office of Research Statistics, insurance companies, physicians and rural health groups, and private business. His innate ability to bring people together to the table paved the way for more than 100 organizations and individuals to develop a single, unified plan for securing federal funding for and the implementation of a statewide health information technology strategy.
Dr. Moskowitz is working with information technology companies, healthcare systems, physicians, and researchers to create a  statewide health information exchange, which will not only support clinical research but also enhance the quality and safety of patient care.  This effort includes helping physicians adopt electronic medical records systems and achieve "meaningful use" per federal mandates.   

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When and Where

 Improving Healthcare Quality for South Carolinians at the HCQ Center and Health Sciences of South Carolina

Featuring Dr. Jay Moskowitz

 James Buchanan Duke SmartState Endowed Chair for Healthcare Quality

711 Saluda Ave. Columbia, SC 29205

Tuesday, January 8th - 6:00pm-7:30pm
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