Wednesday, October 16, 2013

EngenuitySC Hosts STEM Workforce Development Workshop

EngenuitySC hosted the second installment of the Columbia Regional Competitiveness Workshop Series at River Bluff High School on Wednesday, October 9. We brought together business leaders, educators, public officials, and parents to discuss the future of our knowledge-based workforce. 

We kicked off the event with a tour of the innovative facilities at the new River Bluff High School in Lexington to discuss what is being done today for the future STEM stakeholders. The tour was then followed by an engaging discussion on the current state, opportunities, and necessary future actions to make the Midlands a STEM hotspot. 

For those who attended the event, here is a recap and if you couldn't make it, this is what you missed:

For Parents, did you know that…….

  • over the next 5 years, our region will create over 12,000 new jobs requiring 2-yr degrees in STEM fields? See here for the projected numbers!
  • the Michelin Technical Scholars program pays full tuition at Midlands Technical College and graduates from the program exhibit a 98% success rate in finding full time employment at Michelin? For more info visit:
  • Lexington School District 1 allows all  high school students to major in engineering and has built an advanced STEM Center for students who wish to focus their high school studies in these areas? See for more info.
  • There are hundreds of events and resources in your district available through MEBA, aimed to help your children’s development?  Their resource guides can be found at
  • Lower Richland High School has developed a STEM Academy, which focuses on both the core STEM subjects as much as on the soft skills desperately needed by employers? To find out more visit:
  • River Bluff High School’s modular scheduling system focuses on team collaboration in all STEM areas, which is especially helpful in developing core skills like teamwork and communication? Get more info here:
  • IT-oLogy offers free Cyber Saturdays for middle school and high school students interested in learning how to develop apps and video games? Visit IT-oLogy to find out more

For Business and Community Leaders, did you know that…..

  • Teachers desperately need working professionals in STEM fields involved in their classrooms and that MEBA offers a speakers bureau that you and your staff can easily join? Interested? See here to find out more
  • Most parents and students don’t know what advanced manufacturing jobs look like and that schools desperately need companies to open their doors to show parents and students what a modern facility looks like?  If you’re willing to help our students and parents learn what 21st century manufacturing is really like, reach out to your school district office and open your doors to students.
  • Michelin, through its Technical Scholars program, is collaborating with academia to develop a workforce of skilled technicians who possess today's most critical skills? To learn more about Michelin Technical Scholars, click here or contact Michelin Hiring Manager Randy Crutfield (  

For Educators, did you know that….

  • Many regional employers note that a strong STEM education will get your students jobs, but that they’ll lose them without the soft skills (teamwork, communication, punctuality) needed to keep them?  Click here to see what Lower Richland and River Bluff High Schools are doing to address this: and
  • Michelin needs to grow its workforce and get more students involved in their Technical Scholars Program and that they need greater visibility from you to help make this happen?
  • Parents, students, and guidance counselors need a better understanding of opportunities of a 2-year degree?  If you need info on these see MEBA online

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Green Gasoline and U.S Energy Independence with Dr. John Regalbuto

Join us at Science Cafe
EngenuitySC's popular networking event and lecture series continues this October, venturing into a new field of expertise. We would like to introduce our speaker, Dr. John Regalbuto! Read all about Dr. Regalbuto below. 

Join us for our latest installment of the series where Dr. Regalbuto will talk green gasoline and U.S. energy independence. 

Come grab a drink in one of our smart-looking Science Cafe pint glasses, and mix and mingle with fellow science-oriented Columbians. Get excited, get your questions, and join us!

When and Where
Dr. John Regalbuto
SmartState Endowed Chair of Catalysis in Renewable Fuels, Professor and Director of the new Energy Leadership Institute (ELI)
University of South Carolina

Tuesday, October 8th

711 Saluda Ave. Columbia, SC 29205

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Dr. John Regalbuto, SmartState Endowed Chair of Catalysis in Renewable Fuels, Professor and Director of the new Energy Leadership Institute (ELI) at the University of South Carolina, Former Catalysis and Biocatalysis Program Director for the National Science Foundation

There is tremendous global interest focused on renewable fuel sources for transportation. Dr. John Regalbuto’s research is aimed at developing new catalysts for the production of hydrogen and alternative fuels from renewable sources for the transportation sector

He joined the University of South Carolina (USC) from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Department of Chemical Engineering, where he had been for 25 years. During that time, Dr. Regalbuto also served as Catalysis and Biocatalysis Program Director for the National Science Foundation, Directorate for Engineering, where he was intimately involved in the promotion of catalysis and biocatalysis for hydrocarbon biofuels.

Dr. Regalbuto has extensive industry experience. While on sabbatical leaves, he has worked with the Honeywell, Division of Catalysis and Separations and the UOP Research Center. He led Summer Faculty Research Programs at the Argonne National Laboratory and the University Methane Utilization Program at Amoco Oil Company. 

Dr. Regalbuto has been or is currently serving as a consultant to numerous organizations, including BP Chemical Company; the Korean Institute of Energy Research, Taejon, Korea; the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Vienna, Austria; Shell Chemical Company; and the Gas Research Institute, Chicago, Ill.  Read more of Dr. Regalbuto's bio here 

Learn more about Dr. Schaefer's background and register for the event at